Lets go to Venezuela

San Cristobal.

Nature + city and near border with Colombia
Comfort rating: A+++++
handpicked for its charm.

Unveiling Paradise

Welcome to a journey of a lifetime, where adventure meets opulence in the heart of the captivating land of Venezuela. In a world where the untouched beauty of this iconic country has remained veiled due to political shifts, we present you with an exclusive opportunity to experience the enchantment of San Cristobal like never before. 

Unveiling Paradise: Nestled within the embrace of lush, untouched nature, our luxurious coliving retreat awaits your arrival. Picture yourself waking up to breathtaking views, surrounded by verdant landscapes and the melody of exotic birdsong. Our carefully selected private community offers not only tranquility but also 24/7 security, ensuring your stay is both serene and secure.

Vibrant Nights and Thriving Community in San Cristobal:

As the sun sets over the majestic landscapes of San Cristobal, a new world of excitement awakens. Behind its tranquil façade lies a pulsating nightlife that beckons you to immerse yourself in the rhythm of the city. With a population of over 290,000 diverse souls, San Cristobal comes alive with countless activities and clubs that cater to every taste and passion.

Here’s a captivating fun fact: Venezuela holds the record for producing the most Miss Universe titleholders in the world.

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Nomad tip:

San Cristobal can be compared to a bigger version of the famous nomad destination Bansko in Bulgaria.  

Discover Uncharted Luxury:

Adventure meets comfort

Indulge in Luxury: Our lavish accommodations redefine comfort, providing you with a home away from home. Immerse yourself in elegance and extravagance as you unwind in our thoughtfully designed living spaces.

A Tapestry of Luxuries: We’ve meticulously crafted an all-inclusive experience that caters to your every need, allowing you to fully immerse yourself in the wonders of Venezuela. 

Cultivate Connections: Embrace the spirit of community with our dedicated community manager, who curates a dynamic array of daily activities. Engage in meaningful interactions, forge new friendships, and create memories that will last a lifetime.

Full time available cleaning staff: Rest easy knowing that our ever-present cleaning staff ensures a pristine environment, allowing you to focus on what truly matters – your journey of exploration and self-discovery.

What is included?

Luxury villa

Indulge in opulence with our lavish villa rooms, a haven of comfort and elegance.

Full time maid

Enjoy a pristine environment, courtesy of our attentive full-time maid.

Private driver

Navigate the city effortlessly with a dedicated driver at your service.

Coworking space

Fuel your work at our vibrant coworking space, a hub of inspiration.

Daily activities

Engage in diverse activities, creating memories and connections each day.

Private chef

Experience exquisite flavors with a personal chef, a culinary journey tailored to you.



2000 /month

  • Room
  • Gym membership
  • Basic activities
  • Standard events
  • Airport pick-up


2500 /month

  • Bigger room
  • Gym membership + home gym
  • Country club membership
  • Exclusive events
  • Airport pick-up VIP

Mark Jenkins

“Adventure is a path. Real adventure, self-determined, self-motivated, often risky, forces you to have firsthand encounters with the world.” 

Dalai Lama

“Curabitur fermentum nulla non justo aliquet, quis vehicula quam consequat. Duis ut hendrerit tellus, elementum lacinia elit. Maecenas at consectetur ex, vitae consequat augue. Vivamus eget dolor vel quam condimentum sodales. In bibendum odio urna, sit amet fermentum purus venenatis amet.”

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