What started as a dream, is now a reality that I would like to share with everyone, escaping to the forest is something we all have dreamed about, including me. In 2020, I started my journey from the Netherlands to Bulgaria in a campervan. After 4 months of driving around Bulgaria I found a place full of magic & life, this place was so beautiful that I decided to protect it, share it and pass it to the next generations.


Bucephalus Available:

Bucephalus is a small cottage in Perivolas Bulgaria, has everything you need for the perfect experience in the nature. If you are lucky, you may even wake up surrounded by many horses that run freely in the area.

  • You will have the whole place (3000m2) just for yourself.
  • Pets are allowed
  • Backyard (3000m2)
  • Indoor fireplace

+30 more

Our accommodations are not just places to stay but gateways to immersive experiences. They encourage you to forge your path, to find solace in the quietude of nature, and to live out the stories you’ll one day recount.