Build Your Dream Cabin

As you may have observed, we utilize our own cabins for our Airbnb listings. Our commitment to our product is so profound that our primary business revolves around owning and showcasing them. With proven success on Airbnb, we are proud to present a product that we not only use but also thoroughly enjoy. You can gauge the quality and appeal of our cabins through the numerous reviews on Airbnb, offering insights from guests who have actually stayed and experienced our product firsthand.

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Adventure meets comfort

In a world that constantly demands more, our cabins offer a way to find abundance in less. It’s not just about reducing square footage but about enhancing life’s quality. In the minimal, we find the maximal; in the small, we discover the infinite. Welcome to a retreat that’s not just a place but a way of being—welcome to DriftDwells.

Fixed price. €30,000

Furnished, fitted, and fashioned to your liking – all within a single, inclusive price

Handmade Furniture Built to Last

Large windows and thoughtful layouts ensure that you’re always connected to the world outside, protected from the elements while being fully immersed in the beauty of your surroundings. This seamless blend encourages a lifestyle where you can breathe easier, live simpler, and appreciate the moment.


Every cabin we create is a testament to our commitment to excellence. Constructed with top-tier materials and boasting 20 cm thick insulation, our cabins ensure optimal living comfort. Spanning 7m x 286cm, they provide ample space, designed to enhance your living experience without compromising on quality.



By maximizing the utility of every inch in our cabins, we provide you with a clutter-free environment that elevates your quality of life.

Customizable Interiors

Your dream interior is within reach. Included in the price, we offer fully customizable interior designs, allowing you to impart your unique flair to every corner of your cabin. This flexibility ensures that your space truly feels like yours, tailored to your taste and lifestyle.

All the Comforts of Home

Designed to offer the complete comfort of permanent living, our cabins come equipped with a wood stove, modern boiler, shower, toilet, bed, kitchen, and living area. Every detail is carefully considered to provide you with all the conveniences of a home, wrapped up in a cozy, compact package.

Ideal for Airbnb

Proven to achieve high occupancy rates, our cabins represent an excellent investment opportunity for Airbnb rentals. To showcase their potential, we offer a complimentary stay in one of our Airbnb cabins, allowing you to experience the allure first-hand.

Affordable Luxury from a Dutch Company

Proudly Dutch, DriftDwells combines the craftsmanship of the Netherlands with the strategic advantage of our Bulgarian production workshop. This unique setup enables us to offer unbeatable prices without compromising on quality. Where others charge €39,000 for a basic tiny house, we provide a fully furnished tiny house, complete with interior and appliances, for just €30,000.