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Above The Clouds

Our mission is to craft spaces that kindle that child-like wonder, places that reconnect us with nature and the essence we often lose in the hustle and bustle of modern life.

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Sleep above the clouds:


Nestled high in the Bulgarian mountains, in what is called the highest village in Bulgaria with 1600 m of altitude, where the sky is crystal clear and you can see all the mountains from above or eye level, we invite you to experience a truly magical stay. Picture falling asleep under a blanket of stars and waking up with the magical sounds of a mosque, while being just 35 km away from Bansko.

Experience is designed for nature enthusiasts, thrill-seekers, and anyone who yearns for a unique escape into the heart of Bulgaria’s wilderness.

This project consist of: 4 appealing cabins/tiny houses 

    Frequently Asked Questions 

    for Our Project:

    What happens with my property after 5 years?

    The property belongs to you from the very beginning, and you have several options. You can continue using it, relocate it, or choose to leave it on our land. If you decide to leave it with us, we’ll manage maintenance and bookings, with the booking income directed to us. You’re welcome to use the cabin at your convenience without incurring any expenses, and all amenities will remain accessible to you at no cost.

    Is there space for more cabins? What if more cabins are added in the future?

    Our initial commitment is to maintain a 27% occupancy rate for your cabin. We’ll ensure we meet this commitment before considering any project expansions or changes.

    Can I personalize my cabin’s design and amenities?

    Certainly! We offer customization options to make your cabin uniquely yours, within certain design and structural constraints.

    How is the maintenance of the cabins handled?

    Routine maintenance and upkeep of the cabins are our responsibility. We ensure they remain in excellent condition for both you and Airbnb guests.

    How is income from Airbnb rentals distributed?

    Income from Airbnb rentals is shared according to our agreement. You’ll receive your share, and we take care of all aspects of guest management, cleaning, and maintenance.

    What happens if I want to sell my cabin before the 5-year mark?

    If you decide to sell your cabin before the 5-year period, we can assist in facilitating the sale or finding a new owner to take over your investment. There is no impediment if you want to take the cabin with you before the 5-year period or relocate it to another place.

    Are there any additional costs or fees besides the initial investment?

    There are no additional costs for leaving your cabin on our land. However, if there are any ongoing expenses, we’ll provide a clear breakdown.

    How does the booking process work for owners and guests?

    We’ll handle the booking process for guests, ensuring a seamless experience. Owners will have access to a booking calendar and can also use the cabin whenever it’s available.

    This process requires no effort on your part, offering a fully passive income opportunity.

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