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Thassos Island

handpicked for its charm.

About Thassos Tiny Houses

A harmonious blend of adventures and refined relaxation, offering a unique immersion into nature

Discover the enchantment of Thassos, Greece Island, through our innovative Thassos Tiny Houses project. Our mission is to redefine luxury travel with eco-friendly, mobile tiny houses nestled in the heart of this picturesque island.

The D&D Success Story

Drawing from our successful Tiny house venture in Bulgaria, where we earned Superhost status within the first 3 months, we’re ready to replicate our success on the stunning shores of Thassos. Join us on this exciting journey!

And hey, picture this: you’re not alone on this adventure. You’ll be surrounded by kindred spirits who share your passion and are just as eager to create something meaningful.

In a rapidly changing world, the ability to adapt and move with the flow is a unique advantage that distinguishes Thassos Tiny Houses. Your investment isn’t tied to a single spot; it’s part of a dynamic, evolving venture that can explore new horizons and create lasting returns.

The land: 250 away meters from the sea

Investment Tiers

Choose from three enticing investment tiers and become a part of the Thassos Tiny Houses community:

Tier 1 – €2,000

    • 8% annual return (3 years)
    • 3 free nights per year (3 years)
    • 1% of yearly profit (3 years)
    • Guaranteed return of €2,500
    • Buyout at €5,000

Tier 2 – €4,000

  • 10% annual return (3 years)
  • 4 free nights per year (3 years)
  • 2% of yearly profit (3 years)
  • Guaranteed return of €5,300
  • Buyout at €10,000

Tier 3 – €5,000

    • 12% annual return (3 years)
    • 1 week free per year (3 years)
    • 3% of yearly profits (3 years)
    • Guaranteed return of €7,000
    • Buyout at €12,000

Our mission is to craft spaces that kindle that child-like wonder, places that reconnect us with nature and the essence we often lose in the hustle and bustle of modern life.

Why Invest in Our Project?

Unique Opportunity:

Join the ground floor of a project reshaping luxury on Thassos Island.

Proven Success:

Our Superhost status in Bulgaria proves our dedication to quality.

Generous Returns:

Each tier offers annual returns, free stays, and profit shares.

Guaranteed Return:

Rest assured with our guaranteed returns.


Be part of a vibrant investor community.

Buyout Option:

Seize exit opportunities when needed.

Our vision for Thassos Tiny Houses extends beyond the island’s tranquil shores. This project serves as the foundation for an expansive journey, a blueprint for what’s possible when nature meets luxury.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How do I invest? Investing is easy! Select your preferred investment tier and complete the simple investment process on our platform.

What happens after I invest? Stay in the loop with regular updates on the project’s progress and invitations to special events on Thassos Island.

When can I enjoy my free nights? Free nights can be booked once the project is operational. Keep an eye out for updates on the grand opening!

Is my investment secure? We take your investment security seriously. Our dedicated team is committed to delivering on our promises.

Need More Information? Feel free to reach out to our team at [email protected] with any questions or inquiries.


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